Rodent control in Edgware

  We recently had a call for a lady in Edgware who was having loud noises coming form her loft area, this was causing some sleeping problems. We investigated the problem and set up our cameras to record any movement and what was causing the problem. We recorded a family of rats that would come […]

Mouse control in leytonstone

Often the customers that are most concerned about pest problems at home are those with vulnerable members of the family such as young children, the elderly or the sick. While the health risks of pest infestation are very real for everybody, they are increased for those whose condition is already fragile. When we were called […]

Bedbug fumigation in Fulham SW6

Insect pests are a big part of our work and one that customers are usually keen to rid themselves of quickly. This was certainly the case with a recent job of bedbug fumigation in Fulham SW6. We were called out to a flat in a lovely riverside area. The couple that lived there had been […]

Mouse Control in South Harrow

  Rodent issues are a very persistent concern all over the Greater London area and indeed anywhere where humans live. Rodents are always attracted to places with available food and water, along with shelter and a call out we received for mice control in South Harrow HA2, demonstrated this perfectly. On this occasion, the job […]

Bed Bug Survey for Hotels and Guest Houses in London

For clients in the business of hospitality, an infestation of bed Bugs could be very distressing and can cost you alot of money the longer rooms are closed due to a infestation. We can get your rooms clear of Bed Bugs quickly with our effective Bedbug treatments. we offer free surveys. If you suspect you might […]