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We recently had a call from a client to see why she was getting bitten in the night. You can see from the pictures that we identified it was bedbugs.

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Bedbug control kensington

Rodent control in Edgware

rodent control Edgware


We recently had a call for a lady in Edgware who was having loud noises coming form her loft area, this was causing some sleeping problems. We investigated the problem and set up our cameras to record any movement and what was causing the problem. We recorded a family of rats that would come out at night we even saw where they where coming from. We set up our Rodent control methods and sorted out the problem for her. Rodents are common problem this time of year as they are seeking a warm place out of the cold. Unfortunately this can interfere with our way off live as the move about in the nighttime.

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Flea Control in Wembley

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We recently had a call from a customer who had just moved into a new 2 bedroom flat in Wembley. She was getting bitten in the night around her ankles.

We responded to her call and arrived at the flat to investigate the problem.

It didn’t take us long to confirm it was Fleas. Unknown to the landlord the previous tenant had a cat and it had brought fleas into the Apartment. It had infested the bedroom and the fleas had started breeding under the carpets in the warm.  We started a 2 visit treatment program and the flea problem has been sorted. The good news here was the landlord offered to pay to sort the problem out.

We offer end of tenancy flea fumigations so to afford this sort of problem

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Mouse control in leytonstone

Mouse control in leytonstone

Often the customers that are most concerned about pest problems at home are those with vulnerable members of the family such as young children, the elderly or the sick. While the health risks of pest infestation are very real for everybody, they are increased for those whose condition is already fragile. When we were called out for a job of mouse control in Leytonstone, these issues were clearly illustrated.
The family home we arrived at was quite a large property, over three floors. Several generations of the family lived there together, ranging from grandparents, the oldest of whom was 89, to toddlers of whom the youngest was 2 and a half. One of the grandparents also suffered with various heart and lung conditions and had to be connected to a ventilator, meaning they were receiving oxygen via plastic tubes.
When the residents discovered they had a mouse problem they were naturally horrified. In addition to all the usual health concerns of faeces on the floor and the spread of disease, there was danger that mouse could gnaw through or otherwise damage the ventilator tubes, and eventuality that could prove fatal for their elderly relative.
Acknowledging the urgency of the situation we set to work immediately and used a variety of techniques to combat the infestation. We set traps and poison, blocked entry points and ensured any food sources for the animals were kept out of their reach. Fortunately we were able to solve the problem within a couple of days, allowing our customers to return to their lives with peace of mind.

Bedbug fumigation in Fulham SW6

Bedbug fumigation in Fulham SW6

Insect pests are a big part of our work and one that customers are usually keen to rid themselves of quickly. This was certainly the case with a recent job of bedbug fumigation in Fulham SW6.
We were called out to a flat in a lovely riverside area. The couple that lived there had been suffering long term problems at night. Often they work up with itching skin, covered in small marks and lesions. At first they had been unsure as to the cause, but had used the internet to determine that they probably had a problem with bedbugs.
A quick look around the property confirmed their suspicions and we set to work using our usual methods of fumigation. It is very important when attacking a bedbug infestation to not only disinfest the bed clothes but any nearby soft furnishings or fabrics. Curtains, clothes, even tablecloths can become infested too. It is also essential to ensure that all hidden nooks and crannies in the flat are also thoroughly disinfested. Wardrobes and cupboards are typical spots for unnoticed eggs to remain. As their gestation period is very short, if any eggs are left after the treatment, major re-infestation can occur again very quickly.
The couple went out for a walk while we thoroughly fumigated their entire flat, which took several hours. They arrived back as we were ventilating, with windows open, to remove any pesticides remaining in the air. From that day on, they were able to sleep in peace!

Mouse Control in South Harrow

Mouse control in South Harrow


Rodent issues are a very persistent concern all over the Greater London area and indeed anywhere where humans live. Rodents are always attracted to places with available food and water, along with shelter and a call out we received for mice control in South Harrow HA2, demonstrated this perfectly.
On this occasion, the job was very urgent as we had been called out to a commercial warehouse whose primary function was to store packaged baked goods before they were transported to retailers. It is normal in such an environment that some breakage or damaged packaging can cause food crumbs to be left on the floor, while a leaking tap in the staff canteen provided water.
Mice had been gaining entry to the building through some gaps in the external brickwork. These were really nothing more than cracks, but as mice are incredibly flexible animals they were able to squeeze through.
We set about baiting and trapping the animals and found that the population was relatively small, making our work straightforward. Fortunately our customer had phoned us in on witnessing the first signs of an infestation rather than allowing it to worsen over time.
We removed the animals for disposal and also sealed the outside of the building, filling cracks with expansion foam to prevent further reinfestation in the future. Needless to say our customer was very grateful as his livelihood would have been seriously affected if the mouse population had become more established.

Bed Bug Survey for Hotels and Guest Houses in London

For clients in the business of hospitality, an infestation of bed Bugs could be very distressing and can cost you alot of money the longer rooms are closed due to a infestation. We can get your rooms clear of Bed Bugs quickly with our effective Bedbug treatments. we offer free surveys. If you suspect you might have bedbugs it is advised to act quickley to stop the infestation spreading to other rooms in the establishment.

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