Mouse Control in South Harrow

Mouse control in South Harrow


Rodent issues are a very persistent concern all over the Greater London area and indeed anywhere where humans live. Rodents are always attracted to places with available food and water, along with shelter and a call out we received for mice control in South Harrow HA2, demonstrated this perfectly.
On this occasion, the job was very urgent as we had been called out to a commercial warehouse whose primary function was to store packaged baked goods before they were transported to retailers. It is normal in such an environment that some breakage or damaged packaging can cause food crumbs to be left on the floor, while a leaking tap in the staff canteen provided water.
Mice had been gaining entry to the building through some gaps in the external brickwork. These were really nothing more than cracks, but as mice are incredibly flexible animals they were able to squeeze through.
We set about baiting and trapping the animals and found that the population was relatively small, making our work straightforward. Fortunately our customer had phoned us in on witnessing the first signs of an infestation rather than allowing it to worsen over time.
We removed the animals for disposal and also sealed the outside of the building, filling cracks with expansion foam to prevent further reinfestation in the future. Needless to say our customer was very grateful as his livelihood would have been seriously affected if the mouse population had become more established.

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