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Flea Control Clapham a part of Pest Control London can help with all your Flea Control Problems in Clapham. We offer a fast response to all enquires 7 days a week We Cover All Clapham Areas we other you affordable Flea Control Solutions.

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About Fleas

For every flea that lives on your cat or dog there will be 99 more starting to develop in your carpet and at some point in their lives you animal will suffer an infestation.

Their  saliva is considered to be one of the most allergenic substances as it can cause a skin disease in pets which is called Flea Allergic Dermatitis (FAD) Also when fleas bite they take in blood and if the infestation is severe it could cause anaemia in puppies and kittens or even death.

Fleas can live between 7 and 14 days and will divide their time between living on your pet to feed and returning to your carpet to lay more eggs and this happens every day. The larvae then get’s buried into carpets and upholstery and can lay dormant for several months.  When the adults sense warmth and vibrations they will jump onto your pet and start the cycle over again.

Spotting Fleas:

The most obvious sign of fleas will be that your pet is continuously scratching, you should also be able to see them in the fur of your pets, they are dark brown in colour and are approximately 1 – 2mm long, you should also find tiny black specks of flea dirt on your pet just under their fur. The height of the summer is when fleas are most rife; however they can be just as bad in the winter if you have a warm central heated home.

The winter time is the best time to de-flea your pet and just before the beginning of the summer. A continuous de-fleaing of your pet will keep them to a minimum.


Identifying Fleas in Clapham: A Guide to Spotting Flea Infestations

Fleas can be a pesky problem in Clapham, but early identification is key to effective control. Here’s a guide to help you identify fleas:

  1. Bites and Itching: Flea bites often appear as small, red, itchy bumps on the skin. They are commonly found on the lower legs and ankles but can occur anywhere on the body. If you or your pets experience intense itching, especially after spending time in infested areas, it could be a sign of flea bites.
  2. Pet Behavior: If you have pets, pay attention to their behavior. Excessive scratching, biting, or licking, particularly around the neck, tail base, or groin area, may indicate a flea infestation. You may also notice your pet’s fur becoming thin or patchy.
  3. Flea Dirt: Fleas leave behind dark, pepper-like debris known as “flea dirt.” To check for flea dirt, comb your pet’s fur over a white sheet of paper. If you see tiny black specks that turn reddish-brown when wet, it is likely flea dirt.
  4. Flea Eggs and Larvae: Flea eggs are tiny, oval-shaped white objects, about 0.5mm in size. They are often found in the pet’s bedding, carpets, or upholstery. Flea larvae are worm-like and pale, about 2-5mm long, and avoid direct light by hiding in dark areas.
  5. Fleas in the Environment: Fleas are skilled jumpers and can quickly infest your home. Look for live fleas hopping on your pet’s fur, carpets, or furniture. You may also spot fleas in areas where your pet frequently rests or plays.

If you suspect a flea infestation in your Clapham property, it is important to take immediate action. Flea Control Clapham offers expert flea control services to address infestations effectively. Our experienced technicians can accurately identify fleas and develop a tailored treatment plan to eliminate them from your home.

Remember, fleas can reproduce rapidly, so prompt treatment is essential to prevent the infestation from spreading. Trust the expertise of Flea Control Clapham to handle flea problems professionally, providing you and your pets with a flea-free environment in Clapham. Contact us today for a thorough inspection and swift resolution to your flea concerns.


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