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Mice Control Aldgate

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If You’re Dealing with a Persistent Mouse Infestation, Our Comprehensive Mice Control Services in Aldgate Are Here to Provide Long-lasting Relief and Peace of Mind.


Mice Control Aldgate part of Pest Control London can help with all Mice Problems in Aldgate. We offer a fast response 7 days a week and cover All Aldgate Areas. Offering an Affordable Mice Control Solution. Call Pest Control London On: 0800 9552347.


Our Aldgate Mice Control Technicians have Bookings Available Today, Evenings & Weekend Appointments Also Available.


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Mice infestations have become a growing concern in the Aldgate area, posing risks to both homes and businesses. These rodents can cause damage to property and transmit diseases, making it crucial to address the issue as soon as possible. Pest Control London 24 offers a rapid service tailored to tackle mice problems effectively within your home or garden. With their team of experienced professionals and advanced techniques, they can identify, eliminate, and prevent future infestations, providing residents and businesses in Aldgate with a safe and mouse-free environment.


Mice Control Aldgate

About Mice:

Mice are notorious for their rapid reproduction rates, making them a formidable pest. A single female mouse can give birth to a litter of 5-10 pups every three weeks, and she can start reproducing as early as six weeks old. This means that in just one year, a single pair of mice and their offspring can multiply to over 60 individuals. This exponential growth is what makes mice infestations so challenging to manage.

The house mouse can be found in houses and buildings and rural buildings, they are a brown or grey in colour and their body length varies between 60 – 90mm, however their tail can add another 100mm to their length. Droppings from mice are black and a rod shape and are about 3-6mm in long.

Mice live in nests which usually are found inside buildings or in sheltered areas, but mainly inside during the cold winter months, they like spaces under floorboards and also attics are a popular place for mice they also usually build their nests close to a good food source, their nests are usually made from wool, paper and cloth.

Mice are also mainly active at night and they can fit through holes as small as 4mm. Mice will also eat anything but their favourite food is cereal products, mice also urinate in food as well as leaving mice droppings, they will gnaw their way through anything to get to a good food source.



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