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About Squirrels

Gray squirrels are approximately 18 inches in length, which includes their 9 inch tail and they weigh about 1-1.5 lbs. as an adult. Their coloration is usually a grayish colour, however they can have tan hairs in the fur as well and they usually have a white belly. Their winter coat is grey above with a white underside and their summer coat is shorter, sleeker and more brownish grey Red squirrels have red/brown upper parts in summer but may show some grey on the back in winter, which can sometimes lead to some confusion.

Red squirrels are smaller, lighter, have ear tufts and prominent in the winter coat and brown on the legs and tail. Their natural habitats are wooded areas in tree cavities, and they can also be near hardwoods like oaks and hickory trees. They will also construct feeding shelters out of leafs. They generally have 2 litters a year, 2-4 young per litter and they normally breed in midwinter and late spring. Gestation is about 44 days. Their diet consists of bird eggs, insects, berries, fruit, vegetables, nuts and nestling birds, squirrels also like to hoard their food.

The Gray squirrels are most active during the day, and can inhabit the attic areas as well as crawl spaces. They like to enter the attic areas from your gutters and nearby trees and bushes. Installing gutter guards, or down spouts with screen may prevent them from climbing up to the roof through a down spout.


Squirrel Control in Battersea: Keeping Your Property Rodent-Free

Squirrels, while often seen as charming woodland creatures, can become unwelcome guests when they infiltrate your home or business in Battersea. These agile and resourceful rodents are known for their ability to access even the most hard-to-reach places, causing damage, noise, and potentially posing health risks. To maintain a squirrel-free environment and protect your property, consider the following information on squirrel control in Battersea.

Identifying Squirrel Infestations: Squirrel infestations can be recognized through various signs, including:

  1. Scratching Noises: Squirrels are active animals, and their movements inside walls, attics, or crawl spaces can create distinct scratching sounds.
  2. Droppings: Squirrel droppings resemble dark brown pellets and are often found near their nests or entry points.
  3. Chewed Wiring and Wood: Squirrels have powerful teeth and often gnaw on electrical wires, insulation, and wooden structures, causing damage.
  4. Nest Sightings: Squirrel nests are typically made of leaves, twigs, and other debris and can be found in attics, trees, or other sheltered locations.

The Risks of Squirrel Infestations: Squirrels can bring several risks to your property, including:

  1. Structural Damage: Gnawing on wires and wood can lead to costly structural repairs.
  2. Fire Hazards: Chewed electrical wires can spark fires, posing a severe safety risk.
  3. Health Concerns: Squirrels can carry diseases and parasites, such as fleas and ticks, which can be transmitted to humans and pets.

Effective Squirrel Control Solutions: For effective squirrel control in Battersea, it’s essential to take these steps:

  1. Identification: Confirm the presence of squirrels and determine their entry points.
  2. Sealing Entry Points: Block off access points, such as gaps or openings in roofs, walls, and foundations.
  3. Trapping and Removal: Utilize humane trapping methods to capture and remove squirrels.
  4. Repellents: Implement safe and environmentally friendly repellents to deter squirrels from returning.
  5. Cleaning and Sanitation: Ensure thorough cleanup and sanitation to remove any droppings, nests, or contaminants left behind.
  6. Regular Inspections: Schedule regular inspections to catch potential infestations early.

Professional Squirrel Control Services: While some individuals may attempt DIY squirrel control, it’s often best to enlist the help of professional pest control services in Battersea. Pest control experts possess the knowledge, tools, and experience to effectively address squirrel infestations, ensuring the safety of your property and its occupants.

At Battersea Pest Control, our team specializes in humane and efficient squirrel control solutions. We understand the unique challenges squirrels pose and offer tailored strategies to rid your property of these pests. Don’t let squirrels take over your space; contact us today for a consultation and let us help you regain peace of mind.

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